11 Los Angeles Dessert Spots You Should Totally Try In 2018 — VIDEO

I know, I know. It’s the new year and everyone’s making weight loss resolutions. It’s OK, you can keep this list bookmarked for when you need an indulgence or want to cheat (just a little). Because there are lots of dessert spots in Los Angeles that you should definitely try in 2018. Yes, I know Dominique Ansel’s place is open in the Grove and Laudree…is also open in the Grove, but here are some super cool places for you to check out in case you feel like not going to the Grove.

Do yourself a favor and make it your resolution to try one (or all) of these spots for a sweet treat in 2018. You won’t regret it.

1Frozen Fruit Co. In Santa Monica

This healthy dessert isn’t ice cream or frozen yogurt — it’s FroFru, made from actual fruit with no added sugars. You can also put a dazzling edible flower and some yummy toppings to complete your sundae.

2Foster’s Freeze In Glendale

At this location, you can bring your own ingredients to blend into a sundae — how could you lose?

3Jennifer Pennifer Bakes In Palms

Have a craving for cheesecake, but feel guilty about indulging in an entire slice? Jennifer Pennifer Bakes has you covered, serving up delicious and unique-flavored mini cheesecakes. Pair it with some of their yummy coffee as well.

4Zooies Cookies In Palms

I know, it’s weird that this cookie place is located inside a gas station mart. But you should also know that there are many people who skip the whole getting gas thing and come here just for the cookies. The flavors change all the time and they’re all amazing — especially panda and s’mores. You can also get some really nifty tarts, brownies, and frozen yogurt. Best gas station mart ever.

5Slusheeland In North Hollywood

These yogurt-based shakes and fruit smoothies are so creative and fun. You can get cereal on top of the shakes and there are always some specials to try. Definitely aim to try them all, because they will all hit the sweet spot.

6Helados Pops In San Fernando

Helados Pops went viral this year and for good reason — their ice cream is incredible and made with so much love. Those coconut shell sundaes speak for themselves, but the flavors themselves will keep you hooked on this ice cream spot long after you post that pretty Instagram photo.

7Cafe Bora In Koreatown

Yes, this is that pretty sundae you’ve seen all over Instagram. It’s lovely to photograph, but it’s also yummy to eat as well. My personal favorite bingsoo is the strawberry flavor.

8Cauldron Ice Cream In Glendale

9Astro’s Doughnuts & Fried Chicken In Downtown

This spot is all about the sweet and savory. I’ll highlight the donuts I like best in another post; Astro’s has seasonal donut flavors every month, incredible fried chicken sandwiches and wings, and the always yummy creme brulee donut is stellar.

10Sweet Cup In Garden Grove

Four words: Rolled ice cream tacos. Three more words: Really awesome teas. If you’re in the area, you should definitely check them out.

11Bacio Di Latte In Century City Mall

This Brazillian gelato brand comes to the U.S. with its rich and flavorful gelato in a gorgeous spot in the recently revamped mall on the westside. Taste a few before you indulge in just one or two of the flavors — but it’ll be a hard decision. Don’t worry, I believe in you, because you really can’t go wrong with any of the flavors.