7 Amazing ‘The Bachelor’ Food Moments During Ben Higgins’ Season

As I’ve mentioned before, my job has gotten me back into The Bachelor and, I hate to say it, but it’s so entertaining. There’s drama, there’s comedy, and there was even a date filled with pigs on the beach. And there’s been a lot of amazing Bachelor food moments in Ben’s search for true love, from Olivia’s crazy cake dance to that McDonald’s date — for real.

For those who don’t watch, The Bachelor comes with all the drama you’d imagine plays out when a bunch of women are all vying for the love of one man. In this case, it’s the cute, but blah Ben, a software salesman. He’s hard not to root for, but there are plenty of women on the show I wouldn’t want to see him end up with — Olivia, anyone? Luckily, if any of your favorites get sent home, hey, there’s always Bachelor in Paradise, where everyone dates each other and no one is safe. It’s brilliant. 

Check out the most amazing food moments from Bach (yes, I’m that person) below.

10Jubilee Spits Out Caviar

I had high hopes for Jubilee, who is a very interesting woman: She’s a soldier who has fought in Afghanistan and she’s been through some tragedy in her life. But adventorous with food, she is not. When Ben took Jubilee on a one-on-one date, she tried caviar and spit it out. Ouch.
“I’m adventurous … but not with food,” she tells Ben, then adding that she’s obsessed with hot dogs.   

9Lauren B. & The Dump Truck

That’s “dump” as in “dumpling truck,” y’all! One of my friends insisted from the beginning that Ben would probably pick Lauren B. and I have to say, I think she’s right. The chemistry is totally there, especially as they visit the specialty dumpling Dump Truck in Portland, where they serve the bacon cheeseburger dumpling. Seriously.

8Caila’s Family & Filipino Food

Ben went on a hometown date with Caila in her hometown Hudson, Ohio, and he blogged about how he got to meet her parents. He also mentioned how much he enjoyed eating their Filipino cooking. “I could not have asked for anything more. Except for one thing — more of that food!” he wrote on Yahoo. “I was so excited to try all of that delicious Filipino food, but I got so caught up in talking to her family that I forgot to go back and try more of it! I’m still upset about that.”

7Breanna Says, “Gluten Is Satan”

Breanna didn’t last long on The Bachelor, but in her first few moments, she let us know what she really thinks of bread. Hint: It ain’t good.

6McDonald’s Date

 “I want to take you to McDonald’s, because that’s what’s normal for me.” And begins Ben and Amanda’s group-turned one-on-one date to the Golden Arches.  They order Egg McMuffins, because in case you didn’t hear, McDonald’s breakfast is all day now. Ben’s curiosity about how McDonald’s works leads them to hopping behind the counter and single mom Amanda taking drive thru orders for a McDonald’s product placement, er I mean, date to remember.

5Lace Loves Wine & Ben (Too Much)


3Olivia’s Cake Dancing

 Olivia got the “villain” edit of this season. She also burst out of a cake and danced like a loon. The GIF says it all. 


1Honorable Mention: Olivia’s Mouth 

Mallory is the founder and foodie-in-chief of Couch Potato Cook. She is a writer and journalist based in Los Angeles by day, and a foodie in her spare time.