9 Food Moments In ‘Master Of None’ All Foodies Can Relate To In The Netflix Series

The verdict is in: Comedian Aziz Ansari’s Netflix series Master of None is amazing. Not only is it a supremely funny and smart show, but it’s also a foodie’s dream with so many great food moments in Master of None. Asnari himself is a food enthusiast — he doesn’t like the term “foodie” — and his character Dev is also a devout lover of all things food. Over the course of the first season’s 13 episodes, Dev talks about his love of pasta, posting photos of fluffy frittatas to Instagram, visiting the best ribs and chicken in Nashville, missing a flight in order to buy extra delicious sauce, and being very bitter about not getting the ice cream sundae he wanted.

As reported by many media outlets, Master of None visits some prominent NYC restaurants and bars throughout the series. There are many shows and TV characters that foodies can relate to, but I think Master of None totally understands what it’s like to be a foodie — or food enthusiast — in 2015. I won’t spoil the end of Season 1, but the finale is one of the best episodes I’ve seen and it really ties Dev’s character together — as well as his well-known love of food.

All right, enough with all these words. Let’s get to the food and GIFs, shall we? Here are Master of None‘s top foodie moments.

9When Dev Expresses His Love Of Pasta

8When Dev Picks The Parm Sandwiches Over The Kids


7When Dev & Rachel Compare Food Instagram Experiences

6When Dev Spends 45 Minutes Searching For The Best Taco Place In NYC

We feel you, Dev.

5When Dev Points Out The Food Errors On a “Washington Breadsticks” Helmet

4When Anush Doesn’t Want Any Carbs

3When Dev Sleeps With The Wife Of The Man Who Took The Last King Kong Sundae

2When Dev Tells Off A Kid Who Took One Of His Nachos At A Knicks Game

1When Dev & Rachel Use “Old School Yelp” In Nashville

Master of None is available to stream on Netflix.

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