Friday, January 18, 2019


Ever have a question about something on this blog, but didn’t want to risk human contact to ask? Well, you’ve come to the right place! 

Who are you and why should I care about what you think about food?

My name is Mallory and I’ve been an entertainment & lifestyle journalist for over 10 years (more about me here). Like you, I’ve been eating for awhile, but that doesn’t mean I’m some kind of expert. You don’t have to care what I think about food. 

I leave the expert commentary to Jonathan Gold and the folks at Eater. My goal with this site has never been to become another food critic, but to find an enthusiastic food community in which to share my passion for food. So far, mission accomplished.

How did Couch Potato Cook start?

It’s a story in two parts:

  • In 2013, I used to work in a massive, miserable office and I used to bake cookies and other pastries as a means to bond more with my coworkers, express my creativity, and spread some joy. Naturally, they kept telling me that I should start a food blog. Unfortunately, the baking didn’t help me bond with the colleagues beyond that or make the job less miserable, but as I got ready to leave that job, I started this blog. It took awhile for it to find its voice, but like any writing, Couch Potato Cook is always evolving.
  • In 2014, I volunteered at a Sriracha Food Festival in Chinatown. I was so excited to be surrounded by so much yummy food and I wanted to Instagram it all. But then I remembered how my friends always mocked me for taking photos of food on my personal IG. So I started a new Instagram account and I found new friends.

Do you really eat all this food?

Yes! I really do try everything. Do I eat everything all in one sitting? No!! Believe me, I tried when I first started doing this and I gained weight and also got really sick. I have learned to pace myself and not go overboard — but as a fellow food lover, you know how hard that is to do! I take home a good amount of leftovers and doggy bags.

Are you eating all this food for free?

Some of it, yes, but I am always honest in my reviews. I also still spend money on eating out and cooking classes; not everything I do is a freebie!

If the food is not good or makes me sick, I won’t post it. For instance, one time I took a beautiful photo of a dish at a well-known restaurant in LA, but the dish made me incredibly sick for a few days. I did not feel comfortable posting or recommending it, but I don’t like putting places on blast either. I like to keep it positive.

How do you not weigh 200 pounds?

Again, it’s all about balance and pacing myself. I don’t weigh 200 pounds and I’m also not blessed with one of those fast metabolisms — I gain weight! But I try to maintain my weight the best I can. I run, I do yoga, and I also watch my eating outside of food tastings. I’m not Hollywood skinny at all, but I’m happy as long as I can fit my pants and don’t need to buy a whole new wardrobe.

Why don't you update the blog everyday?

I wish I could! Couch Potato Cook is not my full-time job; it’s my side project. I currently work as a freelance writer and editor and I am blessed to have three main gigs that pay regularly, but those jobs (and paying my bills) come first. I update Couch Potato Cook when I have free time in my schedule!

Why don't you take more photos of yourself?

I’m not a seflie person! Even on my personal Instagram, I prefer not to take selfies. As a writer for large media outlets, I’ve received vicious hate mail, have been stalked, and have seen my photo used in ways that are unsettling and it’s turned me off from posting more photos of myself at this time.

If you're called Couch Potato Cook, why don't you cook more?

I used to cook more for this blog! In fact, this blog began with recipes in 2013, but that was also when I was between jobs. In 2015, my freelance writing career picked up and unfortunately, left me with less time (and money) to experiment in the kitchen.

Lately, I hope you think of the name of this blog to means someone who is too lazy to cook, but who knows? The recipes may come back someday.

You keep saying you're a writer, but I don't feel like clicking the portfolio website you keep linking. Where have you written that makes you a "writer"?

I’ve been a professional journalist/writer who has been paid to write for media outlets and worked with experienced editors for over 10 years. I’m a contributing editor (and help run Entertainment news coverage) at Bustle, a contributor at The Daily Meal, and a true crime podcast writer for Parcast Network. I began my journalism career as a staff writer for the Chattanooga Times Free Press, The News & Observer, and the NY Daily News. I also have a BA in journalism from NYU. Seriously, though, if you want my full bio, credentials, and clips, please visit my portfolio website.

How old are you?

Old enough to dislike that question and for my favorite songs to have “remastered” versions. (Where has the time gone?)