Lena Dunham and HBO’s Girls: All Adventurous Women Do Eat

Giphy is my new favorite thing, for gifs for this blog and for life. In order to drench this site in enough animated graphics to make you think it’s 1999 and I’m hosted by GeoCities, I do many searches for food. All the results tend to have one person in common: Lena Dunham. So many that I have to address this.

Lena Dunham, who famously ate a cupcake while bathing in a tub during the Girls pilot (above). Lena Dunham, who mocked it at the 2012 Emmys and who The Onion has mocked hilariously. Lena Dunham, who wrote about growing up on takeout in the New Yorker. Lena Dunham, who has a pigeon on her head in (photoshopped) Vogue. Lena Dunham, of whom everyone has so many opinions.

For the record, I don’t have many opinions about Dunham or her Vogue spread or her HBO show or her being naked a lot. I watch her show and it’s not the worst way to spend 30 minutes of my time. This season has been pretty good so far, especially Hannah and Adam –  I never thought I’d say that after last season ended with them in a Facetime commercial and Marnie. Ugh, Marnie. Marnie is the worst.

I hate you, Marnie.

Most of all, I do enjoy that Dunham publicly embraces food in the way we all do in private. Not that we all eat cupcakes in tubs, but there’s a certain unbridled, sloppy joy Dunham has for food that I think we all have, but like to keep to ourselves, which is why there are so many photos and gifs of her eating. Again, we don’t all have to look like supermodels and eat perfect Pinterest dishes. 

Eat on, Lena Dunham. Please let me know if you have any food recommendations for LA, because I feel like you would have some good ones.

If you are into cupcakes (in the tub or not), you might like this recipe for Rainbow Cupcakes I made a few years ago. It took me two tries to get it right, but as I wrote back then, “It mostly involves food coloring and patience. Let me tell you, it’s definitely worth it.” It also involves like 7 bowls, so make sure you have enough, because I know not everyone lives in a Crate & Barrel.

Much color. So cake. Very yum.