Aziz Ansari & ‘Master Of None’ Bring The Funny & Foodie To Netflix

Ever since his Tom Haverford food nicknames monologue on Parks & Recreation, Aziz Ansari has been one of my favorite people. His new comedy series Master of None just premiered on Netflix and it’s smart, hilarious, and insightful. I’ve been lucky enough to see him perform stand-up many times (including at this year’s Oddball Comedy Festival, along with her awesomeness Amy Schumer) and his best-selling book Modern Romance is a smart and sassy look at how love has evolved. Plus, did I mention he and I were contemporaries at NYU and he is way more successful than I am? 😉

Yeah, I sound like a total Aziz fan girl, but whatever. I like what I like. Aside from that, Asnari is a huge foodie. Take a gander at his Instagram and there are photos of food — good ones, too. He’s currently dating a chef. In his book, he talks at length about how he struggles to pick the right restaurant or decide what to eat. Right now, he may be the most famous, serious foodie.

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Don’t believe me? Ansari did this very foodie interview with Bon Appetit Magazine, in which there’s a doodle of a pizza train and he talks about his dream dishes. And in Master Of None, which I am almost done streaming because of my other life as an entertainment journalist, Aziz gives his love of food to his protagonist Dev. Like Asnari, Dev deeply loves pasta, but also Dev geeks out over a BBQ place in Nashville, freaks out that his date is a vegetarian and they can never go “halfsies” on food, misses a flight because he insists on buying a famous sauce, Instagrams fluffy frittatas, and so much more I don’t want to spoil.

EDIT: The finale includes this non-spoiler-y sequence where Dev tries to pick a taco place and he takes 45 minutes trying to find the best one.

The series as a whole is like Louie meets Girls, but with a diverse cast, a super fun quality to it, and it’s pretty much made for posting GIFs/quotes of it to Tumblr. But for right now, there aren’t too many GIFs out there (yet), so you better go watch Master of None on Netflix RIGHT NOW! There’s so much food in it. You won’t regret it.