Bagels & Brew Brings Rainbow Unicorn Bagels To California — PHOTOS & VIDEO

I’m sure by now you’ve seen all of those rainbow “Unicorn bagels” from The Bagel Store in Brooklyn all over Instagram and BuzzFeed and your dreams. I know I have. But now, rainbow Unicorn bagels are available on the West Coast at Bagels & Brew! That’s right, the bagel shop is now serving colorful bagels at its three locations in California with a selection of sweet and decadent cream cheese that’ll have you literally tasting the rainbow (a la Skittles).

Thanks to @dailyfoodfeed‘s Jed, I got the chance to sample this beauty at the Aliso Viejo store. I chose the cake batter cream cheese at the recommendation of the store manager and I wasn’t disappointed. I had expected the bagel to be super sweet, but it wasn’t — thankfully. It tasted like a good ol’ plain bagel with some really yummy sweet cream cheese that took it to the next level. Definitely worth the drive down to Orange County for the West Coast’s first rainbow bagels! They’re not just in Brooklyn anymore.


I also got a pizza bagel and a hot mocha, which definitely got me through the rest of my busy Saturday. Thank you, Jed and Bagels & Brew!

Check out the photos and videos below!

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