Best of 2015: Top 7 Food-Related Songs

It’s the final month of the 2015, so you know what the means: Best of The Year lists galore. Now, I’m not out to inundate you all with lots of top food lists or even top viners (had to write that one last year for work). I am, however, doing two lists that are consistent with the theme of this blog: Top Food-Related Songs of 2015 and another one coming soon. I believe this is what the kids call “staying on brand.”

So, as I’ve said in my Food Songs Spotify Playlist post, I’m fully aware that most songs with food in the title aren’t about food they’re about love and/or sex. But I guess that’s how much we all love food — we as a society tend to equate it to the greatest intimacy we can experience.

Without further ado, let’s get our list on.

7“Biscuits” By Kacey Musgraves

In this song, the country singer uses “biscuits” and “gravy” as a metaphor to tell you to stop being such a judgmental prick and do your own thing. A worthy message to be paired with such a delicious dish.

6“Ong Ong” By Blur

 Check out this video. A cute, whimsical video of a video game that includes food for an upbeat, groovy, easygoing song from the band. 

5“Satisfied” From Hamilton (Broadway musical)

 I’m not one for musicals, but dang, Lin-Manual Miranda’s Hamilton will turn you into a sudden Broadway baby with its rich hip-hop retelling of Alexander Hamilton’s life. All the songs are amazing (and educational!), but “Satisfied” is probably the most devastating wedding toast introducing a love triangle that you’ll ever hear. Sure, I’m stretching its food-relatedness, but hey, you too will be sucked in as soon as Angelica Schuyler (the fab Renée Elise Goldsberry) sings “Rewind” and it gets totally distorted.

4“Here” By Alessia Cara

I have long said Cara and I (almost) share a last name and views on annoying, insufferable parties of my youth. Sure, some were really fun, but by 30, I too would ask myself, “Oh God why am I here [and mostly hanging out at the snack table]?” I have also met several versions of “the girl who’s always gossipin’ about her friends” in the kitchen. Remember: If they’re gossiping about other people, THEY ARE GOSSIPING ABOUT YOU, TOO. True story.

3“Cake By The Ocean” By DNCE

So, what is cake? Sex, drugs, or rock n’ roll? According to Genius, the title comes from a quote said by the song’s Swedish producers, who were referring to the drink Sex On The Beach. And the video has a giant cake fight…by the ocean, taking the title to new literal heights.

2“Hotline Bling” By Drake

Look, it’s on every other music list, so why not this one? And are we entirely sure Drake isn’t singing about food? The song sure inspired some great food-related memes.

“Sugar” By Maroon 5

Not only did this song inspire everyone to sing “Sugar, yes please!” — someone literally threw a bag of sugar in frontman Adam Levine’s face. My God. Now, I don’t condone throwing anything at Adam Levine, but I am totally okay with the ubiquity of this song and whatever sugar he’s singing about.

1Worst Song: “Truffle Butter” By Nicki Minaj featuring Drake & Lil Wayne

Look, I love the beat, but NEVER GOOGLE WHAT THIS IS. Because then you’ll never be able to listen to this song again without thinking about it. AND IT’S NOT FOOD.
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