Best Of 2015: Top 7 Songs To Listen To As You Eat Your Feelings

Sometimes I think I should start a music blog, but then again, this blog is about food and pop culture. It’s my thing. Anyway, what a time to be alive. Pop music has never been more electrifying and exciting than it was in 2015. Plus, being a pop culture journalist, I tend to notice trends — and man, this year’s tunes are all about heartbreak and ~the feels~. Music in 2015 has produced so many songs to listen to as you eat your feelings. We’ve had major hit songs about being emotional about your ex moving on, getting revenge on your ex who keeps writing breakup songs about you (ahem, Taylor Swift), and so much more. 
And you know what goes great with feelings? A big ol’ bowl of ice cream. Or how about a bag of chips? Or a burger? That’s my favorite eat-your-feelings meal. Check out these songs for all the feels to accompany your food.

7“Bad Blood” By Taylor Swift

For when your rival steals your backup dancers, subtweets you, and then ends up on a Forbes list in a higher position than you. You are just mad as hell, but at least you have your hot, rich DJ boyfriend, right?
Pair it with General Tsao’s chicken and a dash of Sriracha, because this burns.

6“Perfect” By One Direction

Your ex is so not over you, or else they wouldn’t have released an entire album about how much of an asshole you are. Never fear, you write songs, too! And you can throw in a lyric about how your famous ex writes breakup songs about you and you’re golden. Everyone loves it (especially if they are so tired of TayTay).
Pair it with some leftover cold pizza, because revenge is a dish served cold — and it tastes delicious, too.

5“Wait For It” By Hamilton The Musical

Ever feel like everyone is doing better than you? All the job promotion posts on Facebook and all the Instagrams of luxurious vacations are making you feel like a total loser. Back in the day, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Aaron Burr feels the same way — about brash rival Alexander Hamilton, who has all the success that the careful and cautious Burr wants. It’s a beautifully crafted song that makes waiting for your turn in the spotlight much more tolerable.
Pair it with a cup of green tea while you patiently wait for it. This song is from Broadway; keep it classy.

4“Love Yourself” By Justin Bieber 

I’ve been listening to the Biebs’ new album Purpose and it’s pretty good. I think it has a chance of being Bieber’s own FutureSex/LoveSounds, which another Justin (Timberlake) released back in 2006 to crazy acclaim. “Love Yourself” is another breakup song, but this one is an acoustic declaration that your ex was totally wrong and you are so not hung up on them, even if this song is kinda about them.
Pair it with a box of your favorite donuts. Because you’re totally not hung up on anyone, you’re just gonna eat these donuts.

3“Leave A Trace” By Chvrches

This sythpop group takes dissing exes to a whole other level in this single, where the lyrics are much meaner and darker than the upbeat synths that accompany them. Singer Lauren Mayberry told Pitchfork that “‘Leave a Trace’ is the middle finger mic-drop.” So drop that mic and be happy it’s over. 
Pair it with a Venti latte (with whip) from Starbucks. It’ll put a bounce in your step walk away from all that old drama.

2“Hotline Bling” By Drake

You used to call me on my cell phone. Now, you don’t need my love. So I’m gonna dance like a dork around my weirdly lit room alone until I see that Hotline Bling again.
Pair it with take out from your favorite place. Let them know that you need their love — before it’s too late. Seriously, they don’t deliver after a certain time.

1“Hello” By Adele

Adele knows her affect on people. This woman even made tea in her music video for “Hello,” because she’s fully aware people make tea and cry out their many feelings to her music. She’s good. So good. Sing this one out to all the loves and friends you left behind. 
Pair it with everything in your fridge. Hello from the other side.
Mallory is the founder and foodie-in-chief of Couch Potato Cook. She is a writer and journalist based in Los Angeles by day, and a foodie in her spare time.