Bollywood Bites in Westwood — VIDEO

Recently, I was invited to try out the delicious and creative menu at Bollywood Bites in Westwood, located right by UCLA. Chef Sanjay Patel cooked up some selections from the menu, including a lamb kathi roll and a chicken naan roll. The Indian food is high quality and also creative. Chef Patel worked as the sous chef at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills and was even approached to become the personal chef to Michael Jackson — yes, the Michael Jackson. There’s a wall inside of Bollywood Bites filled with photos the chef and the celebrities he has cooked for — so cool!

Bollywood Bites in Westwood is super convenient to UCLA and the restaurant is growing! The brand includes catering, a food truck, and a brand new location in Sherman Oaks opening in December! Check out the video for all the food action and the food GIFs below. Thanks so much to Chef Patel and my server Carlos for a great meal.

Mallory is the founder and foodie-in-chief of Couch Potato Cook. She is a writer and journalist based in Los Angeles by day, and a foodie in her spare time.