Breaking Bad “Meth” Cookies

To celebrate the beginning of the end of Breaking Bad, I sought out to make these cupcakes, but Party City ran out of light blue rock candy (naturally) and I simply didn’t have enough time. I did, however, invest in a container of Wilton’s Blue Sugar Gems from Vons that also suspiciously looked like the blue meth Walter White and Jesse Pinkman infamously make on the AMC series…

(Beware: There may be spoilers!)

So I was definitely not going to let them go to waste. I decided cookies were the way to go, since I had to work that day and then I’d head to my friend James’ premiere party that night. I shared some of the batch with my coworkers first and they were such a hit! The “sugar gems” are really delicious and not too hard on the teeth. I wound up making the cookies again for my series finale watch party a few weeks later. The finale party also had fried chicken (Los Pollos Hermanos!) and bacon, but the influence of food on Breaking Bad is a whole other post entirely.

Back to these cookies – the recipe is simple, quick and easy.

Breaking Bad "Blue Meth" Cookies
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  1. Premade Sugar Cookie or Funfetti Dough (1 roll or box)
  2. Cream Cheese Frosting (1 container)
  3. Wilton's Blue Sugar Gems (1 container)
  1. Make the cookies as per the directions on the dough. I chose premade dough due to time, but you can definitely make your own.
  2. After cooling, apply frosting to the cookies.
  3. Sprinkle the sugar gems onto the frosting! Beware: Your hands may turn blue.
  4. Allow to cool in fridge before serving.
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  1. LOVE this!! My husband and I love this show and are only on episode 25, but I’ll have to make these for Breaking Bad night. And I love the idea of a season finale party, although since we’re behind it would just be the two of us, ha! Thanks for sharing Mallory! Love your blog….amazing photos!