Chang’an Restaurant In San Gabriel — PHOTOS & VIDEOS

Lately, my life has been filled with too many distractions…from writing in this food blog, and in general. But I have to thank the beautiful and delicious Chang’an Restaurant in San Gabriel for helping me relax with a wonderful meal to get me back on track. The new Valley Boulevard gastropub in the Chinese food heaven of SGV rests unassumingly on the third floor of San Gabriel’s many strip malls, but when you walk inside Chang’an, the beauty of the restaurant and the food are beyond compare.

Chang’an Restaurant serves up modern, but authentic Chinese cuisine, meaning you’ll find all your traditional favorites plated in a gorgeous fashion with an affordable price tag. This isn’t your mom’s old fashioned family-style traditional Chinese restaurant — I mean, that’s literally what I told my mother (who is Chinese) about Chang’an — and it’s a welcome update to the cuisine. 

My yummy tasting menu included Sauteed Shishito Peppers with Millets, Sweet Cherry Tomatoes, Fish Fillets with Special Rice Stew, Sweet and Sour Baby Pork Ribs, Pea Sprouts, Red Dates Rice Balls, and my first taste of Sea Cucumber, which was served in a Golden Stew. My favorite dish was one I didn’t expect to love — I’ve always been disappointed by Jidori chicken at other places being so dry, but Chang’an’s Crispy Jidori chicken is juicy and so delicious. You won’t be able to get enough! 

Thank you Minda and Chang’an for an incredible meal! Check out the food porn below.