Chinese New Year Lantern Sugar Cookies

Gung hay fat choy! I’m half-Chinese, so in addition to growing up eating lots of great Chinese food, I grew up celebrating Chinese New Year. Also known as the Spring Festival and the Lunar New Year, Chinese New Year lasts about 15 days. It’s a huge deal.


So, there’s no show I can really tie this entry to. I could make this a statement on diversity on TV, but I’m not going to, because this is a food blog and you (and I) are here for the photos of food. Alas, I did find a related video from The Simpsons.

And these related gifs from Raising Hope, a show I don’t watch.

tumblr_mikwp0OKHW1qb8o02o1_250 tumblr_mikwp0OKHW1qb8o02o5_250 

They got that part right.

While I grew up eating only the best Chinese food, due to my grandparents’ and mom’s high standards, I never really developed a taste for traditional Chinese desserts (also due to my mother’s high standards for sweets – do we see why I’m such a foodie? Thanks, Mom ;).

I looked through Food Gawker and did much Googling to figure out if there was anything easy yet good I could bake for my Chinese New Year celebration earlier this month. After looking through many, many photos, I came up with an idea: Lantern Sugar Cookies. Those seemed easy enough and I’d use a trick that I used when making Christmas cookies last December: Instead of dying the cookies red with food coloring, I’d use Crystal Light. The juice mix. Yes.


This isn’t a new thing, but I initially used it because I ran out of food coloring, but my former coworkers loved the berry flavor it added. I tried it again for CNY and that’s what got the most compliments again. That and the buttercream frosting. Duh.

Also, the cookies in the photo above? Those are the ones I frosted pretty well. The ones in the photo below? Those are what most of them look like. I’m no perfect baker, but I try!

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