Cooking Up Salted Eats: Brown Butter & Sage Gnocchi — PHOTOS & VIDEOS

Despite being a fearless eater, I do have some cooking fears: 1. Hot oil (when it splatters, it HURTS) and 2. Making pasta, only because it seemed so daunting and like I needed a ton of equipment for it. Thanks to the new service Salted Eats, I finally conquered that latter fear by cooking Salted Eats LA‘s Brown Butter and Sage Gnocchi from Sotto here in Los Angeles.

Of course, I was still scared I was going to mess it up. These days, I don’t have as much time as I’d like to cook due to my crazy hours for work — cooking can get pretty involved with buying ingredients and then taking the time to prep it all and finally getting to eat it up! Plus, let’s say you only need a pinch of truffle salt, but you wind up buying a whole bunch of it and you’re stuck with it. Salted Eats is pretty cool because it cuts down that prep time by sending you the the exact ingredients (in the exact portions), a video by a master chef to follow along, and you get the satisfaction of prepping it yourself.

As for me, making the pasta dough was fun, but the anxiety kicked in when it came to cut and shape the gnochi. Again, I was a pasta-making virgin and I didn’t have one of those gnocchi boards, so I used the back of a fork. After a few weird shaped pillows, I think I finally got the hang of it and it was delicious when I got to sit down to eat it all.

If you’re interested in trying Salted Eats, use the discount code COUCHPOTATO for $5 off your first order.

Check out the photos and videos below.