Easy-To-Make Bacon Dishes With Farmer John Bacon — GIFs & PHOTOS

Confession: I’ve been trying to cut down on carbs. Yes, that’s totally possible for a foodie, but also so difficult when I’m surrounded by so much delicious, decadent, and tempting foods! And especially hard when Farmer John LA sent me an incredible bacon care package, with the challenge to use my creativity to whip up some bacon creations — which, of course, I am chronicling on this blog with a healthful twist. And that’s why I decided to make some low-carb bacon dishes! In addition to two regular carb recipes, because I’m only human and potatoes were on sale, OK?

In my quest to cut down on carbs, I’ve discovered a lot of new favorites: Spaghetti squash in place of pasta, lettuce wraps in place of torillas, and Flatouts instead of bread. Sure, there’s nothing like the real thing, but these substitutes come super close and Farmer John bacon is yummy enough to make you forget you’re cutting down on carbs.

Now this is a bacon care package!

Check out the recipes below (with GIFs!). I must admit, even though I’m a writer, I’m terrible at writing up recipes. There’s a hippie part of me that believes that that how can you measure everything to a tee, because so much happens in the moment of cooking and everyone is different and hugs for everyone. So when it comes to portions, use your best judgment. 😉

Low-Carb Recipes

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Regular Carb Recipes

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