Elephant Bar Brunch Menu In Torrance — PHOTOS & VIDEOS

Last month, I kept lamenting that my busy schedule as a freelance journalist (and believe me, it gets busy) had prevented me from indulging from a good ol’ fashioned weekend brunch for too long. Ask and ye shall receive — in my case, it was an invite to try the delicious new brunch menu at Elephant Bar in Torrance and my friend Sheana came along, too! Together, we had a terrific and fun girls brunch in which we indulged in the decadent menu.

And that we did! Sheana doesn’t eat meat, and I’m trying to cut down on my meat intake for health reasons, but never fear — Elephant Bar worked with us to make some of the dishes meatless, and I have to say they were delicious all on their own. Win-win for everyone! Among the yummy dishes, we had Gooey Butter Cake French Toast, Sunrise Breakfast Tostadas, Philly Cheesesteak Frittata, Pork Tomatillo Omelet, and, because I have a sweet tooth, I got a creme brulee for dessert. What? You can have dessert after brunch…right? Many thanks to manager Chris for an epic and wonderful brunch and to Sheana for so kind to help syrup pour/on-camera cut/hand model for this foodie! 

Check out the food porn below!