Fictional Food Places From TV We Wish Were Real

I watch and write about a lot of TV and some TV shows have fictional food places. I mean, TV characters gotta eat, too, right? Lucky for all of us, they do and they do so in style. Some series have a restaurant or bar the characters frequent. Some shows have characters obsessed with a food place. Even some TV characters are foodies!

From Food N Stuff from my beloved Parks and Recreation to Bob’s Burgers on, well, Bob’s Burgers, here are the fictional food places from TV that I wish were real!

The Krusty Crab From Spongebob Squarepants

giphy (10)

Those Krabby Patties always looked so good.

Bob’s Burgers From Bob’s Burgers

giphy (11)

What I’d give for an actual Bob’s Burger of the Day…

The Double R Diner From Twin Peaks

giphy (12)

Gotta have that pie and coffee.

Food N’ Stuff From Parks & Recreation

It’s got Food, Stuff, and Ron Swanson’s heart. How could you go wrong?

Chicken 4 Dayz/Gentle Farms From BoJack Horseman

This is one of the most confusing fictional chicken places ever, but I’m still down.

Los Pollos Hermanos From Breaking Bad

giphy (13)

Not the meth part, though.

Gettysburger From Scandal

If Olivia Pope can handle it, you know it’s good.

Bluth’s Frozen Banana Stand From Arrested Development 

giphy (14)

There’s always money — and hilarity — in the banana stand.

Uncle Moe’s Family Feedbag From The Simpsons 

giphy (15)


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Mallory is the founder and foodie-in-chief of Couch Potato Cook. She is a writer and journalist based in Los Angeles by day, and a foodie in her spare time.