Food-Related Yule Log Style Videos For A Yummy Christmas — VIDEOS

I’m originally from New York City, where Christmas warmth is more likely to come from the TV rather than a fireplace. So obviously, the tradition of the Yule Log is one of my favorites on Christmas morning. But what if you feel like food-related Yule Log videos, meaning a food video that loops itself into Christmas oblivion? Well, you’re in luck, because the internet has that, too.

From sizzling bacon to eating sounds, you can watch food over and over again as a holiday treat. Merry Christmas and happy holidays from Couch Potato Cook!

9Sizzling Bacon

8Bacon Yule Log

7Jimmy Dean Sausage Yule Log

6Nick Offerman Sips Scotch Yule Log

5Gingerbread Home Remodel

Gingerbread Home Remodel (Streaming Wonderland)

NOTE: Requires Hulu free trial/membership.

4Roast Expectations

Roast Expectations (Streaming Wonderland)

NOTE: Requires Hulu free trial/membership.

10 Hours Of Food Porn

3Eating Sounds

2These Satisfying Food Videos

1Cake Decorating

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