Foodie Movie Review: ‘Chef’ (2014)

Welcome to a brand new feature that I’ve been wanting to debut for awhile: Foodie movie reviews. First up: a review of Chef, starring Jon Favreau (who also wrote and directed the film). The film is one I saw in the early days of this blog and actually inspired the idea for doing this feature back in the day. Also, real-life Los Angeles fan favorite chef Roy Choi co-produced the movie and even did pop-up versions of the El Jefe food truck from the film to promote the movie release. The foodie factor of this flick is huge.

Even the film itself is made for foodies. Chef Carl Casper (Favreau) faces off with a food critic via Twitter, goes viral in all the wrong ways, and gets fired from his head chef post at a fancy Brentwood restaurant. He retreats to Miami with his son Percy and ex-wife Inez (played by Sofia Vergara) and finally takes her suggestion of starting a food truck. And thus the El Jefe truck is born, serving up delicious looking Cubanos and becoming a Twitter sensation in all the right ways. Carl also bonds with his son while teaching Percy about food and the food business.

The flick is super fun and features some serious food porn. You will definitely be craving a Cubano by the time the credits roll. It’s also great because there’s so much respect and appreciation for the food — there’s a great scene where Carl, Percy, and Martin are expressing their admiration for a good piece of meat in Texas. The love of food is fierce in this movie. On a personal note, Bobby Cannavale plays a supporting character in this movie and he’s one of my favorite actors; I will love him in anything.

Chef is currently streaming on Netflix.

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