How To Care For Your Cast Iron Skillet — INFOGRAPHIC

Back when I was living in Tennessee, I excitedly attended the South Pittsburg (no h) National Cornbread Festival and it was the coolest. Not only was there cornbread galore, but I learned a lot about cast-iron skillets from the Lodge factory located there — like for instance, how to care for your cast-iron skillet. While they are a bit more high maintenance than your traditional cookware, they increase the iron in your food and that’s pretty darn cool. They also have a built-in non-stick feature that lets you use less oil while cooking.

Never used a cast-iron skillet before? Well, here’s what you can cook up in ’em: Eggs, steak, cornbread (of course), and so much more. PartSelect suggests that you might want to use separate skillets for sweet and savory dishes.

giphy (34)

So after you cook up a storm, how should you clean the skillet? PartSelect and Ghergich & Co. teamed up to make this neat infographic — and we all know everything is more fun in infographic format. Check it out below.

cast-iron-infographicGIF from Giphy

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