Inside Eataly LA in Century City Mall — VIDEO

The day has finally come: Eataly LA in Century City Mall is finally open for business. I tried to venture inside for the grand opening, but the line was way too long. I returned on another day during the week, after they had just opened the doors and that was much easier, yet the crowd was building fast. Eataly LA is a lot like heaven: there are separate sections/counters for meat, cheese, pasta, and even an olive oil dispenser. Like, you can bring a big container and they’ll fill it up with olive oil.

The prices of the items vary inside and lines form fast at the counters serving food. I got lucky and arrived at the pizza counter before it opened…and there was still a line. I got a delicious pizza topped with mushrooms, so it was mostly worth it though. Would I return to Eataly to try more of what the heavenly market has to offer? Sure — but only once it calms down so I can browse without feeling rushed.

Check out the video above for more of the Eataly LA experience.