LAMILL Coffee In Silverlake — PHOTOS & VIDEO

There’s nothing I love more than a good coffee shop with delicious food to boot, which is why I was super excited to check out LAMILL Coffee in Silverlake. I got to try the coffee boutique’s new food menu, which was developed by James Trees as a consultant and their incredible coffee. The brand has a long history in Los Angeles: LAMILL was launched in 1998 and the boutique came to fruition in 2008. Both the coffee and food were delicious and I find myself wanting more.

I’ve recently turned into a bit of a coffee-aholic — I never used to be, but working 50+ hours a week has me sometimes solely running on caffeine. I decided to try LAMILL’s creme brulee latte, which is a combination of my favorite dessert and my need for coffee. It was absolutely delightful! The sugar top was fun to break (see video below) and it’s so delicious mixed into the coffee. As for the food, I got the avocado toast with poached egg and the grilled cheese with tomato soup — simple dishes made amazingly yummy. Not to mention, the boutique is really beautiful and it’s located in a really cute strip of Silverlake. Thank you to William and Shelby for some awesome service and to the folks at LAMILL for having me.

Check out the photos and videos below.