Los Angeles Burrito Box

Los Angeles is now home to not one, but TWO (2) burrito vending machines, BurritoBox. One in West Hollywood, the other just opened in Century City. There’s not quite an Everything Burrito option. But let’s start from the beginning.



I went to the location that’s tucked in the convenience store of a Mobil gas station in WeHo. Real classy, right? That’s because I’m the classiest of burrito consumers (see above; yes, I was that girl in the gas station taking about 20 selfies with a BurritoBox).


There are 5 burritos available, priced at $3 each: Roasted Potato Egg and Cheese, Chorizo Sausage Egg and Cheese, Uncured Bacon Egg and Cheese, Free-Chicken Bean and Rice, and Shredded Beef and Cheese.


I went with the Chorizo Sausage Egg and Cheese, because mmm…chorizo. I also invested in some guacamole for $0.75 extra, because I like guac with my burritos.

It was a good call, because, well, you’re getting what you pay for with these burritos. Chipotle and Tacos Por Favor it isn’t. The base burrito doesn’t taste like much. I could barely taste the chorizo (LAist said the same) and I hope that’s just this burrito. It tasted a lot better once I added some of the guac to it.

But hey, it’s worth the experience. And who am I to turn down a burrito from one of the world’s first burrito kiosks? I’d go again.