Masters Of Taste At The Rose Bowl In Pasadena — PHOTOS & VIDEOS

So, what happens when you happen to write/work for one of the sponsors of Masters Of Taste at the Rose Bowl? Well, for me, I got to attend the April event as a guest of We Like L.A. (the aforementioned sponsor), sit at their awesome table, and indulge in some delicious food from some of Los Angeles’ best restaurants with two of the most hardcore foodies I know: We Like L.A. founders Brian and Christina. The event took place on the field of the Rose Bowl, which caused me to totally geek out. Why? While I’m not a football fan per se, the Rose Bowl is one of my favorite places to watch a game — and now one of my favorite places to eat, too!

Masters Of Taste featured dishes from restaurants such as Neil Fraser’s Redbird, Birch, 118 Degrees, Hache LA, Ozu East Kitchen, Sangers & Joe, Nighthawk Breakfast Bar, and so many more! The food was being dished out non-stop and the drinks were a-flowin’ for a perfectly indulgent afternoon with some of the best foodies and food writers around.

Check out the food porn from the event below!

Also, Google Photos automatically makes GIFs out of photos? So check out some GIFs!