Monster Cereals Come To Life With Blippar!

It’s time to face it: August is almost over and that means Summer 2015 is coming to a close whether we like it or not. Goodbye, pool parties and fun in the sun. Hello, pumpkin spice lattes and cool Autumn breezes. Before you know it, it’ll be Halloween. I recently got the heads up that General Mills’ Monsters Cereal will truly come alive for the holiday. That’s right — you can see Boo-Berry, Count Chocula, and Franken Berry in motion, thanks to augmented reality and the app Blippar.

How does this work? You’ll need to download the Blippar app onto your phone first, then get yourself a Monster Cereal (or three). One you’ve done that, open the app on your phone and hold it up to the box. This combo will unlock a whole new side to those characters, including spooky animations, vintage boxes from back in the day, and old Monsters Cereal commercials. Pretty cool, eh?

Check out the videos above for the spooky awesomeness or read more about it at General Mills. Look for the Monster Cereals in September at retailers near you!