Pig Pen Delicacy Opens In The Santa Ana 4th Street Market — PHOTOS & VIDEO

There’s some new bacon goodness from the brilliant food minds of Andy Nguyen (Afters Ice Cream), Kevin Bobby, Mark Gerard Cruz, and Jason Trinh. They’re the co-owners of the new Pig Pen Delicacy in the Santa Ana 4th Street Market, which opened earlier this month. The delectable eatery serves up some of the most incredible bacon-infused dishes in the foodie heaven that is the 4th Street Market. You have never seen pork and bacon quite like Pig Pen Delicacy’s take.

Andy was nice enough to invite me to try a few dishes while I was nearby in Santa Ana and I made sure to wear my stretchy pants. The Pork Belly fries with an egg on top are what food porn dreams are made of — all the flavors go together incredible well and I couldn’t get enough. The Maple Bacon jam burger is, in one word and all caps: EPIC. I don’t think I’ll be forgetting how good that one was any time soon. Earlier in the week, I had tried and failed to make my own candied bacon, so tasting Pig Pen Delicacy’s take on it gave me a goal to aspire to — and yeah, theirs is SO much better.

Check out the videos and photos below!