Preview: Necco’s New Kaiseki Bento Box 2017 — VIDEO

I’ve been wanting to try Necco Restaurant in Westwood for the longest time and I finally got the chance on my birthday. Tomoko (@turningoffjapanese) hosted a tasting for Necco’s new Kaiseki Bento Box and it was seriously a delicious way to spend my birthday. Not only is the bento box so organized and gorgeous, it also tastes immaculate. The Kaiseki Bento Box is divided into three tiers and it’s available from Sept. 1 – 14 for lunch (five bentos) and dinner (five bentos); from Sept. 15, five bentos will be available for lunch only.

For those who are curious, “necco” in Japanese translates to “roots” in English and the restaurant uses it in its philsophy three fold: “necco’s values are rooted in Japanese heart; necco celebrates the root vegetable; necco hopes to root in this local area.” It’s also a spot that’s welcoming to vegans, as well as people with food restrictions, serving up vegan and gluten-free options such as Tamari, Koji, Tensai Sugar, and Koso. Pretty cool!  

The Kaiseki Bento Box is the perfect way to try a bunch of yummy dishes at once. Along with the boxes, I got to try Sotto Sake, which was some of the most smooth sake I have ever tasted.

Here’s what is in each tier:

Veggie Tier

  • Okura Nori Goma Ae
  • Boiler Lotus Root and Gobo Root with Sesame Dressing
  • Yaki Nasu
  • necco’s Pickles

Fish/Meat Tier

  • Albacore Nanban
  • Roast Wagyu Beef with Balsamic Soy
  • Yuan Yaki Style Cod

Zuke Don Tier

  • Soy Marinated Salmon and Marinated Ikura on top of white rice (with Wasabi)

Many thanks to Ross at necco and Tomoko for the lovely and delicious tasting preview! Check out the video and GIFs above for the visual yumminess.