Preview: New Menu At FOH Restaurant In Downtown Los Angeles — PHOTOS & VIDEOS

Some restaurants are super well known by foodies in LA and FOH Restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles seems to be a favorite of the foodie community — and I can see why. @LosAngelesFoodieGirl hosted an awesome tasting preview of FOH’s new menu, which launches on May 9! Want to know what tasty dishes you’ll be able to try? Check ’em out below and be prepared to drool over some food porn.

What I love about these foodie tastings is that sometimes I get the opportunity to taste foods I’ve never tried before and that was true about this event, too — I had never had Romanesco before, but now that I’ve tasted it, I think it’s great! The menu also includes Steak Frites, Carne Asada Tacos with egg, Deep Fried Guacamole, Pork Chop, Jalapeno Cornbread with honey butter, and some really incredible passion fruit panna cotta. Thank you Christine and FOH for a delicious meal and for being awesome hosts!

Check out that aforementioned food porn below.

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