Preview: Sprinkles Black Velvet Cupcakes Available To Celebrate The Great American Solar Eclipse

The Great American Solar Eclipse has a special place in my heart, not only because I love eclipses, but because it takes place on the day of my birthday. So it’s pretty darn cool. To celebrate the celestial moment, Sprinkles’ Black Velvet Cupcakes are available to celebrate the solar eclipse for three days only, Aug. 19 until Aug. 21 (the day of the  eclipse!). Sprinkles’ deepest, darkest, most chocolatey cake was previously available for Black Friday and now it is back to pay homage to the total solar eclipse.

Made with Dutch process black cocoa and topped with whipped chocolate ganache, catch this dark and delicious cupcake while you can! It’s super rich and chocolatey, but also kind of light? It’s like the best of both worlds. Most likely best eaten as the moon travels between the sun and the Earth. 😉 Sprinkles also has a special place in my heart, because I used to go there all the time during grad school to indulge in sweet treats. And now they have the perfect cupcake for the eclipse! 

Pre-order Sprinkles Black Velvet Cupcakes by emailing or calling (888) 220-2210, and sweeten up your celebration today. The GIFs below and video above were taken at the “Portraits of Hope: Neon in 3-D at the Lily Pond” By Ed Massey in Beverly Hills.