Preview: The Naughty Churro At The 626 Night Market At Santa Anita Park — PHOTOS & VIDEOS

It’s summer and that means it’s time for one of the most awesome food festivals around: The 626 Night Market at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia. Foodie friend Nick (@Grubfiend) will be debuting The Naughty Churro at 626 Night Market and he was nice enough to give me and some other LA foodies a preview of these awesome new churro ice cream sandwiches and a monster churro and fried chicken sandwich with cinnamon sugar and maple butter.  They’ll be making their debut during the first weekend of the 626 Night Market on July 1-3.

The Daydreamer is sure to be in demand for the food instagramming crowd —  it’s a rainbow churro ice cream sandwich, inspired by fellow foodies Brenda and Naomi (@XOdaydreamers). But just beware, it’s in limited supply, so arrive and order early at the 626 Night Market if you’re craving a colorful churro in your life (and IG). For a heavenly mix of sweet and savory, try The Winner Winner, ’cause it’s a delicious fried chicken dinner (or lunch) between two churros. Other flavors will include matcha green tea churros and ice cream, as well as plain churros and vanilla ice cream.

The great thing about these churros is that they’re thick, fluffy, and filled with flavor — what churro is supposed to be. They go great with both the ice cream, as well as the delicious fried chicken.

Check out the food porn below and get some for yourself at the 626 Night Market throughout the summer!