Preview: Wanderlust Creamery in Atwater Village — VIDEO

Back during the first few years of this blog, I had the chance to preview Wanderlust Creamery before it first opened in Tarzana in 2015 — and took Los Angeles by storm shortly after. Fast-forward to 2017: Wanderlust Creamery is opening its second location in Atwater Village on March 5. I was invited to preview the new location on Glendale Boulevard and it was so cool to see how the brand has grown since that Q&A I did with Adrienne Borlongan.

The flavors available were as amazing as ever — and I couldn’t resist trying the Kinder Bueno flavor, which was inspired by my favorite chocolate-hazelnut candy bar. I also got the delicious Hojica + Caramel Honey and both were scooped onto a Ube cone. Check out the video above for more awesomeness from Wanderlust in Atwater Village!

Many thanks to the team at Wanderlust for the invite!