Public School’s Summer Menu — PHOTOS & VIDEOS

You know that trusty restaurant that you go to, because it’s so reliable? The food is always good, the atmosphere is always just right, and it’s a place you can always count on. Public School has been that for me. I’ve never had a bad time at any of the locations, I love the music, and the tater tots are always the best. This time around, I got to try Public School’s new summer menu at the Culver City location, Public School 310. And I have to say, even in the summer, Public School is always reliable with delectable eats and a killer soundtrack.

The summer menu I got to try included Grilled Watermelon & Heirloom Tomato Stack, BLT Steak Salad, Meatballs & Linguine, Buffalo Cauliflower, and a seasonal dessert: Granche stout brownie with ice cream. So good! The grilled watermelon was so refreshing and beautiful, while the meatballs and linguine and BLT salad had some of the tastiest meats. The Buffalo Cauliflower is an old favorite for me. The Granche brownie was so rich and amazing! Thanks to our server Brandon for great service.

Check out the food porn below.