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I’m excited to semi-announce I’ve partnered with a food tech company that passionately cares about the food community. While I can’t say too much about it at the moment, I can say I’m helping them work on some awesome stuff that’ll be awesome for foodies like me and you in the future! As part of this, I’ve been visiting local LA restaurants with the team (which includes professional food photographer Eric Shin) to review some delicious food — and Eric’s photos & GIFs will be featured in the reviews I post in conjunction with this project, like this one below. Yay foodies! Stay tuned for more from this cool collaboration.

C + M-74

I’ve been a proud resident of Los Angeles’ west side for three years now and, even when I moved last year, I couldn’t bring myself to leave. There’s just too much I love here: I’m not too far from the beach, awesome parks, great shopping, and – the most important – amazing food. One place in particular is C&M Cafe, which is one of my absolute favorite places to eat in Los Angeles.

Located in Palms on a hidden corner of Motor Ave and National Boulevard, C&M (which stands for Chicken and Monkey, Chef Kalissa’s nicknames for her two sons) serves up some seriously delightful dishes. For those of you who complain that LA doesn’t do a good breakfast sandwich, well, you obviously never have stepped foot in here. C&M does delectable things with eggs, bacon, cheese, and bread – along with other ingredients – that you’ll be addicted. It gladly happened to me, and it’ll happen to you.

check out a round down of my favorite dishes at my favorite cafe!

Enjoy Guys Burger

C + M-52

This is my absolute favorite dish on the menu. It’s a combination of my two favorite things: Breakfast sandwich (it’s got egg, hashbrowns, and cheese) and a burger (yup, there’s one in there). It’s super hearty and filling, but there’s a flavor party in every bite. It’s become my favorite burger in Los Angeles, a city filled with amazing burgers.

When In Rome Salad

egg-breakI’ve talked about the When In Rome Caesar salad here before (included in my list of Great Summer Salads), but I’ll go a little more in depth here, because we’ve got a delicious GIF to include! If you love lemon, you’ll love this citrus-themed Caesar. I tend to get bored of regular Caesar salads, because there’s not a lot of variety, but the When In Rome truly gets it right — with candied lemons, sun-dried tomatoes, rosemary croutons, bacon, and so much more. Try it, you won’t regret it.

The BAM!


It literally took me six months to work up the courage to try this ultimate sweet ‘n’ savory breakfast sandwich dream. What makes it so amazing? Well, The BAM is egg, sausage, and bacon sandwiched between cinnamon bun french toast. It’s a tall order and it’s incredibly rich and flavorful in every bite. The BAM is the ultimate breakfast treat.

The Money Maker


One day, I walked into the cafe and asked Chef Kalissa to recommend a breakfast dish that was filling, but also something I had never had before — and she recommended this sweet ‘n’ savory bread pudding. The sweet comes from the lemon rosemary bread pudding and caramel cream cause that is outstanding, and the savory comes from the egg placed right on top.

Pork Belly Burro

C + M-61

I like burritos, but I don’t love burritos. I’m not sure what it is. Perhaps it’s the huge amount of rice some places use inside of them or maybe it’s because they leave my stomach feeling so heavy after indulging. So I’m always cautious trying burritos because it’s a huge waste of food if I find out in a few bites that I’m not into it. All of that is to say that the Pork Belly Burro is actually one of the lighter burritos I’ve had — even with pork belly inside — and it doesn’t leave me feeling so full that I can’t move. It’s actually a really invigorating burrito and that’s so rare. I mean, it’s even got kale.

We Bought The Farm

C + M-26

There’s a scene in the movie America’s Sweethearts in which Catherine Zeta-Jones’ character complains to her assistant that her butter has touched other food. I too like to keep my food separate most of the time — only because I like to appreciate each taste on its own. I love Cobb salads for that reason. They really appeal to my Type-A personality — turkey, portaabella mushrooms, oven roasted tomatoes, Applewood-smoked bacon, avocado, and more  are presented in an orderly, well-grouped fashion on top of a bed of lettuce — but they also go really well together.

Avo Toast

C + M-42I can’t end this without mentioning C&M’s rendition of everyone’s favorite dish these days: Avocado toast! Chef Kalissa’s version takes the green snack to another level using truffle oil, as well as arugula, farmer’s cheese on whole grain toast.

Want some more food porn? Check out more dishes and photos in the slideshow below!

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Photos and GIFs by Eric Shin

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