Review: Wanderlust Creamery in Tarzana

It’s Ice Cream Week here on Couch Potato Cook! That means I’ll be talking posting about the creamy cold dessert all week here and on Instagram, as a way of keeping warm Summer thoughts alive here in the Northern hemisphere.

Summer may be gone, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy ice cream, right? Besides, it’s still so hot here in Los Angeles (and even hotter in the San Fernando Valley). And that makes it the perfect time for the brand new Wanderlust Creamery in Tarzana to debut. The artisinal ice cream shop opened its doors at the end of August and is opening up the Valley’s eyes to former cocktail consultant Adrienne Borlongan’s whole new world of flavors, inspired by travel.


I got a preview of Borlongan’s flavors along with the awesome Emily of Sample Platter and the folks at the food tech company I’ve been working with this summer. It was so much fun to meet another food blogger and sample some of the incredible flavors cooked up by Wanderlust. And I mean that literally  — Borlongan’s sweet and savory flavors are made from scratch and pasteurized in-house. How cool is that? (Look for a Q&A with Borlongan on here soon!)

Enough talk. Let’s get to the ice cream.


Earl Grey Sundae


Borlongan has quite a talent for turning savory flavors into sweet (but not too sweet) creations. Take for example this combo of Earl Grey with a Bergamont olive oil and sea salt. It’s a refreshing flavor that literally tastes beautiful: The sea salt ties together the floral and luscious sensation on your tongue. 

Coconut Beurre Noisette


Coconut has this ability to overpower a dish and take it over. With this ice cream flavor, Wanderlust has found a way to temper it and make it savory with some smokiness from the brown butter.

Chocolate Salted Malted Crunch


If you grew up in SoCal loving Thrifty’s Chocolate Malted Krunch, this is the flavor of your dreams. Inspired by the ice cream maker’s classic flavor, Wanderlust’s rendition tastes just like the Whopper candy. Whether you loved Thrifty or Whoppers, this deliciously creamy and salty flavor brings back so many childhood memories. 

Hojicha Brunt Honey


Matcha Green Tea, this ain’t. This flavor is made with real green tea and has this amazing smoky taste I’d never expect to love in an ice cream. It seriously tastes just like a fresh brewed cup of tea — but you know, cold.

Sticky Rice + Mango


A classic rice dish as an ice cream flavor? Well, dreams can come true. This one has a nice hint of rice with yummy sweet mango. It’s made with Borlongan’s own rice milk. 

Check out more photos from Eric Shin below!

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Photos by Eric Shin/Platful
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