Songs To Listen To While You’re Working To Eat & Live

I make no secret of the fact that this blog isn’t my full-time thing. I’m work around 50+ hours a week as a freelance/part-time writer — I don’t lounge around coffee shops with laptop, waiting for assignments to fly in through my inbox like a gentle feather. Luckily, the latest tunes feel the same way and, so far, 2016’s songs are all about work. Or as Rihanna tells us, “work work work work work.”

Much like my and your days, contemporary music seems to be filled with “work.” So here are some songs you can listen to while you work to put food on your table, make ends meet, or, well, get busy in other ways. Because “work” has multiple meanings, ahem.

4“Work” By Rihanna

This lustful track from Rihanna has a guest appearance from Drake and suggestive Jamaican Patois lyrics in the hook. It could still be your anthem for the daily grind, or another kind of grind. Winky face.

3“Work From Home” By Fifth Harmony

Yeah, working from home in reality is not nearly as sexy or entertaining as this lady band makes it out to be. I mean, there’s no mention of a messy apartment or going stir crazy at all.

2“The Schuyler Sisters” From Hamilton

Do all of my song lists have to have a track from the Broadway musical? Sure, why not. This feminist show tune introduces the titular super rich Schuyler sisters — Angelica! Eliza! And Peggy — who are “looking for a mind at work.” 

1“Working For It” By Zhu, Ft. Skrillex & THEY

According to Genius, this EDM song is about rescuing a stripper from her all-night shift at the club.

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