Steve From ‘Fuller House’ Is Our Foodie Spirit Animal

Like most ’90s kids, I bingewatched Netflix’s Fuller House pretty fast and ate up every second of nostalgia the follow-up series to ’90s sitcom Full House. The gang was all mostly there: DJ, Stephanie, Kimmy Gibbler, Jesse, Joey, Becky, and everyone’s favorite food-loving high school boyfriend, Steve Hale. Steve from Fuller House still loves food and he’s our foodie spirit animal.

DJ’s goofy high school sweetheart is now a podiatrist (he works with feet…ew), but he’s still all about raiding the fridge. And actor Scott Weinger, who plays Steve, has a little less hair, but is still just as dreamy and into fridge-raiding as he was in the ’90s.

giphy (6)

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!!!SPOILERS!!! He’s also after DJ’s heart…along with hottie Matt, her colleague at a veterinarian clinic. 

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So naturally they solve it, Bachelorette-style, because it’s 2016 and getting the final rose is so in right now.

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So who does DJ pick? Matt the vet or Steve the foodie? I’m not going to spoil it for you — go watch it yourself and find out!

Images from Giphy; Netflix