SunCafe Organic In Studio City By Universal Studios — PHOTOS & VIDEO

I usually like to preface reviews of vegan restaurants by saying this: I’m not vegan, but I love vegan restaurants. In fact, I’ve been recently trying to cut down on my meat consumption for various reasons. So the invitation to try SunCafe Organic in Studio City by Universal Studios was so perfectly timed. I sat outside on the restaurant’s lovely and peaceful patio, where I had some of the best plant-based dishes I’ve had in Los Angeles. The waiter and chef assured me everything was locally sourced, dairy-free and made from scratch. 

I had the heavenly Coffee shake (made with Blue Bottle coffee!), Lettuce Leaf tacos (with SunChorizo and cashew cheese), and the Raw Probiotic Bowl, which everyone commented was a hardcore dish to start with. But I have to say, it fulfilled my craving for straight up veggies and it was a delight to eat. For dessert, I had the Pistachio ice cream sandwich, a dish so pretty that my photo of it was featured on Infatuation LA! I can assure you that the dessert was also delicious and I gobbled it up right away.

Thank you SunCafe for a great meal! Check out the food porn below.