Sushi Donuts At Project Poke — VIDEO

Could the next big food craze be…sushi donuts? Project Poke in Fountain Valley now has sushi donuts and people were lining up out the door for ’em during my visit. The sushi donut is exactly what it sounds like, but here’s a description if you can’t wrap your head around it: It’s like a round sushi roll, shaped in a circle — just like a donut!

I had the Salmon donut, which is stuffed with spicy Tuna, and the Salmon and Tuna donut, which is stuffed with avocado. Pretty cool! They were both very delicious with spicy mayo and they were easier to eat than I thought they would be — protip: use chopsticks. (I wasn’t brave enough to try and hold them like a real donut, because I didn’t want it to all fall apart.) I also got Project Poke’s signature Crispy Spam Musubi, which definitely hit the spot. Check out the video above to see the sushi donuts in action!

Many thanks to Andy, Tim, and the team at Project Poke for a great visit!