Tatsu Ramen — PHOTOS

I’ve been very lucky to meet a lot of great and fun people through writing this blog and its Instagram account. Two of those awesome people are Danielle of Follow My Gut and Tatsu Ramen chef Armen of @EatBearded, who recently hosted a couple of super fun foodie dinners at Tatsu Ramen on Melrose Ave! My friend Emily of Sample Platter was there, as well as new friends Nacem ( @foodiewidabooty ), Kim of The Golden Dionysus (a name that tickled this mythology nerd), Damon ( @DamonEats ), Andrew of Foodsteez (their videos are awesome!), Scott of Locals Only, and Maria ( @lacooquette ). Check ’em all out, because they take incredible food photos — and here’s proof.

As for the food and ramen, it was absolutely delicious — I got the signature Bold Ramen, a pork bun, and a ramen burger. More food porn lies below.

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