#TBT: The OC Fair

If there’s one thing my LA friends seem to remember about me, it’s that I LOVE the O.C. Fair. It combines all my favorite things: Food, fried food, carnival rides, and crowds of people (I grew up in NYC, it’s how I do). I’ve made the trek down to Costa Mesa every year I’ve lived in SoCal and each trip is more fun than the last — and the food is always getting more and more awesome!

For the past few years, the OC Fair marketing people seemed to even embrace its status as a foodie heaven, creating the cutest food mascots for the event – called “The Foodies” – along with food stuffed toys. I must admit, I own a few of them.
I’m excited to go to this year’s fair, but for another reason that I can’t reveal just yet. But I can say I’ll be gladly indulging in lots of calories from all the yummy fried and unique foods only found at the fair (I mean, duh).

Texas Donuts


A giant version of my favorite treat? I looked high and low with my friend to make sure I had a bite of one of these. Actually, it turned out to be so many bites — and it still wasn’t enough. These Texas-sized donuts are enormorous, so you’ve been warned. You might wanna bring some tupperware or a to-go box for safe keeping.

Frozen Bananas

Hehehehehehe. Okay, now that the childishness is out of the way, these are so refreshing and cute with their sprinkles! They’re also hilarious.

Fried Avocados

I never would’ve thought these would be good, by oh my God, they’re amazing. After this batch, my friend and I wound up getting another. Pair it with some ranch dressing and you’ve got avo-heaven.

What are your favorite foods from the OC Fair?


  1. I love corndogs! I don’t even know why because I don’t even like hot dogs outside of a fair context (or Disneyland!)

    I have a love-hate relationship with cotton candy. It’s so fun to see made and carry around, but actually eating it is kind of a let down because it just dissolves so fast.

    • I love corndogs, too! I think there’s something so fun about food on a stick. I agree with you about cotton candy, too. I got the chance to try spinning it earlier this year and it’s super hard – kudos to those who can do it!