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The 7 Essential Grocery Items I Order From Milk & Eggs

For those of who have known me as a freelancer, big news: I work full-time for one of my clients and it’s a fun, but a lot of work. Now that I have less free time, ordering my groceries from Milk & Eggs is super convenient. There are several essential grocery items I order from Milk & Eggs, which is like having a farmer’s market delivered right to your door. The fruits and veggies are always super fresh, the meats are so high-quality, and the snacks are so yummy.

Milk & Eggs has such a wide selection and I love ordering new items to try, but I also have my old standbys that are must-order items for me. Check them out below and perhaps you’ll discover something new that you can add to your next order.

Sweet Potato Sticks

These are so delicious and super easy to make in the oven! I highly suggest following the recipe on the back of the bag for a sweet and salty sweet potato fry experience.

Bolthouse Farms Coffees

Image courtesy Milk & Eggs

These coffees always give me the caffeine jolt I need for a long day and they are super tasty, too – the flavors are very yummy and my fave is Salted Caramel Latte.

Bread LA Pretzel Buns

Image courtesy Milk & Eggs

These are absolutely heavenly to eat with burgers and breakfast sandwiches — any sandwiches, really. They’re soft and so delicious.

Bread LA Sourdough Loaf

Image courtesy Milk & Eggs

I’ve never been the biggest fan of sourdough bread, but this sourdough has made me a fan. It goes great with sandwiches and makes a great toast — including avocado toast!

Produce Valley Farms Crimini Mushrooms

Image Courtesy Milk & Eggs

I’ve recently become a big fan of mushrooms and these are so good! I love cooking these up with some caramelized onions.

Pacific Pickle Works Cukarambas

Image Courtesy Milk & Eggs

Pickles. Are. The Best. And I love the flavors of this brand! They also make pickled carrots and pickled Brussel sprouts, which I totally want to try.

Bertha Mae’s Brownie Sea Salt & Caramel

And of course, there’s always room for sweets! I love these delicious brownies and wish I could eat them all.

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