The Naughty Churro At 626 Night Market 2017 — VIDEO

Confession: 626 Night Market is one of my favorite foodie events, because it was one of my first. I first attended back in 2013, before even starting this blog. So much has changed since then, but my love for this event still remains. I got to check out a new sandwich at The Naughty Churro at the 2017 626 Night Market and it’s definitely must-try this year. 

At The Naughty Churro, I got to see what fellow foodie Nick (@Grubfiend) has been up to with his delicious churro sandwiches. I tried the Level Up, which basically takes the Winner Winner (which I previewed last year) and encrusts the churros in potato chips and the fried chicken is battered in churro batter and chicken is covered in honey butter. You got those heart-eye emojis ready? As I was walking around, about 7 people stopped me to marvel at the Level Up and ask me about it.

Check out the GIFs below and the videos. Many thanks to Nick and his team at The Naughty Churro for a great taste of 626 Night Market.