The Pie Hole Hollywood — PHOTOS & VIDEO

Sometimes life is all about timing. I had wanted to check out The Pie Hole’s delicious pies for the longest time and I’ve had so many near-misses. For instance, one night some friends and I kind of planned to go, but we ended up eating somewhere else downtown (sadface). But finally, timing was on my side when I got invited to check out the brand new The Pie Hole Hollywood on Hollywood Boulevard. Yummy legendary pies right on the Hollywood Walk of Fame —it can’t get any better than that!

Of course, if you’ve been to The Pie Hole before, you know it can. I know the Cereal Killer Cheesecake Pie is the most Instagram famous of them all (I mean, just look at it), but the other pies we had were just as amazing: Earl Grey Tea Pie (which really tastes like Earl Grey!), Cherry Double Crust (so good), and the Shepard’s Pie (a great lunch).

In addition to the pies, The Pie Hole Hollywood also serves up some stellar coffee. This week (7am-10am Mon-Fri), you can get any small coffee beverage for just $2. That’s $2 for any cup of coffee, latte, specialty espresso beverage, nitro and cold brew, which is more than half off of several items on the menu. Check it out if you’re in Hollywood!

Many thanks to Ana and her team for a great visit. You want to see some pie photos now, don’t you? Indulge below.


Mallory is the founder and foodie-in-chief of Couch Potato Cook. She is a writer and journalist based in Los Angeles by day, and a foodie in her spare time.