TV Characters Who Are Total Foodies

For the kind of work that I do, I have to watch a lot of TV and eat a lot of different food. Sometimes, those worlds intersect, like when I write about the covert dish Chang made on Orange is the New Black or what prison food is really like on, well, OITNB (I do write about other shows — and Kardashians! — too, I promise). 

Since I’m a “foodie” (even though the NY Times says that term is going out of style), I have a deep appreciation for other characters who love food just as much as I do. And I don’t just mean characters who enjoy a good meal once in a while — I mean characters who consider food a huge part of their being. Often, it’s played for laughs in comedy series, but it works, because as George Bernard Shaw put it, “There is no sincerer love than love of food.” Ain’t that the truth.

So as I’ve been writing about and watching TV for work, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite TV character foodies.

6Bob Belcher On Bob’s Burgers

5Jake The Dog On Adventure Time

4Joey Tribbiani On Friends

3Liz Lemon On 30 Rock

2Homer Simpson On The Simpsons

1Cookie Monster On Sesame Street