Olivia Pope On ‘Scandal’: White Hat, Red Wine

Despite there are people who say a pint of Guinness is a full meal, alcohol technically isn’t food. I know this. I still, however, wanted to go over an important aspect to Scandal: Olivia Pope’s love for red wine. Girl loves it (see the video above from People.com). I can see why: Unlike President Fitz, it’s always there when she needs it. Wine doesn’t try to crash planes, rig elections, or kill anyone. Unless you’re allergic to wine (it can happen, sadly).

She also drinks it in some baller wine glasses from Crate & Barrel that keep selling out in stores. The show is so aware of our obsession with Olivia Pope’s obsession with wine that a recent episode showed the audience her very first sip. While Fitz might be her soulmate, we know wine is her greatest love.

Wine has also given us one of Scandal’s best moments of its third season: Drunk Mellie telling off Fitz about Olivia.

Maybe Olivia and Mellie just need to sit down and hash out this Fitz stuff over a glass of wine? Nah, stewing in secret is a lot more drama.