Wood Ranch In Burbank — PHOTOS & VIDEOS

I’ve mentioned before on this blog that I lived in the South after college, so barbecue will always have a special place in my heart. The South has really, really good barbecue, so it’s hard to top their pulled pork, ribs, and other meats — many have tried, but not many have succeeded. Wood Ranch in Burbank invited me to try out their barbecue and their well-cooked, flavorful meats definitely exceeded expectations!

The barbecue chicken salad is so refreshing and has a seriously delicious dressing. I had a generous plates of crispy fried onions, green beans, and mac and cheese. For the main course, there was also an amazing plate of baby back ribs, tri tip, BBQ chicken, and pulled pork. The two sandwich specials from the Test Try Kitchen at the Burbank location are incredible: The Ultimate BBQ Sandwich, which is STACKED to say the least, and the cilantro heaven that is Manny’s Crispy Chicken sandwich.

Many thanks to Michael and Alisa for some ace service in a great atmosphere — I even met some new friends at the restaurant! 

Check out the food porn below.


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