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Best LA Bars For The Over 30 Crowd

Unlike some folks in Los Angeles, I can come clean with it: I am full-on, knee-deep into my third decade. And as BuzzFeed tells us all every day, you start changing once you hit the 3-0. You actually need health insurance. You prefer to binge-watch Scandal on a Friday night than go out. And there are some bars that are now just too loud, young, and ugh – especially according to a Thrillist LA article that’s been making the social media rounds. 

While the over 30 crowd won’t disintegrate upon entering those places, I do agree with each and every bar on that list. There’s just a point when you gotta quote Lethal Weapon and say you’re too old for this, especially since Scandal Season 4 is on Netflix and Mellie is running for Senate.

But there’s one thing missing from the article – what are the best bars for the over 30s crowd? I mean, just because someone has crossed over 29 doesn’t mean they’ve lost interest in ever leaving their apartment. I still go out, but now I head to places where I can hear myself think and it smells really nice.

Here are some bars I’d recommend if you’re in your 30s.


This classy wine bar has two stunning location in West Hollywood and Venice. Both have great ambiance, a great selection of drinks, and a pretty good food menu.

Oldfield’s Liquor Room


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Sure, go ahead and make an old joke, but this Culver City bar has a very sophisticated, yet welcoming feel and a creative drink menu.

Hotel Cafe

Small super intimate and classy music venue with awesome acoustics. I haven’t been here in awhile, but I was always impressed with this place. Great tunes in a wonderful atmosphere.

Tom Bergin’s 


Don’t drink, IMBIBE with us tonight! #cocktails #happyhour #tequila #whiskey #gin #pubporn #farm #mint #fresh A photo posted by @tomberginspublichouse on

This bar always seems to rise like the phoenix every time it closes. And it’s easy to see why – it’s a beloved neighborhood haunt by longtime patrons, where if you’re a regular, everybody really does know your name like Cheers.

Bigfoot Lodge

The crowd you get at this Westside stalwart depends on the night, but the drinks are amazingly creative and such a great deal. I can’t say I’ve ever had a bad time here and I’ve been able to have real, live conversations in the bar or on the patio, depending on the night.


I’m not really into gimmicky bars anymore (ahem, Good Times At Davy Wayne’s), but I love this so-called speakeasy, which is tucked behind — of all things — a Bank of America in Culver City. Good drinks and classy ambiance.

Mom’s Bar

This is a dive bar that just brings the fun no matter how old you are or what you do. Great drinks, simple atmosphere, a photo booth, karaoke and a whole lotta fun. Though it may have a young vibe, I went with a bunch of 30somethings and we had a blast!



Last night’s vibe. 💯 #dwtswrapparty #dtwsfinale #besohollywood #dwts A photo posted by Beso Hollywood (@besohollywood) on

Multi-floor gorgeous bar in Hollywood, but it’s worth the trip. It’s one of those places that makes you feel like a legit grown-up and, at our age, it’s a compliment.

Sonny’s Hideaway 


Because… Saturday night!

A photo posted by Sonny’s Hideaway (@sonnyshideaway) on

Tucked away in Highland Park, this classy neighbor bar boasts amazing eats and unique drinks with an approachable vibe.

Moreton Fig

During my USC days, a lot of my friends loved going to Traditions (a.k.a. Traddy’s), the campus bar. It was exactly that — the campus bar, filled with frat dudes, bros, and a drink called “Ruin The Bruin” in honor beating of rival UCLA. I always preferred Traddy’s grown-up cousin across the way, Moreton Fig. The bar area is a small and tucked away from the sit-in dining area, but the food is great, too. Enough to make me miss my days in Troy!

What are you favorite “mature” bars in LA?

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