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Favorite Thai Iced Tea Spots In Los Angeles

I must admit it: I’m a total Thai iced tea addict. When it’s on the menu, I can’t help but try it. Earlier this year, I was thrilled to interview an actress from one of my favorite TV shows (and now full-fledged member of Taylor Swift’s posse), but I was even more excited to find out that the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf we were at served Thai Iced Tea (and for the record, so was she!). This is my life. This is my Thai Iced Tea obsession. It knows no bounds.

My love affair with the drink began during my college years at NYU. I’d work late nights at the student newspaper and we’d always order dinner from one of the local eateries, being total New Yorkers, and Spice (now closed :() was a popular choice. I’d always get their steamed dumplings and a Thai Iced Tea. One time, so many of us ordered the drink that Spice just gave us a big soup container filled with orange-y stuff. It was the best.

While no Thai Iced Tea will ever measure up to my first love at Spice, I’ve found several places around Los Angeles that come close.

Kura Thai


My colleagues had told me that this is Jonathan Gold’s favorite Thai place in L.A. and I can see (and taste) why – the pad thai is the most flavorful I’ve had in this city and the Thai Iced Tea is so. Strong. When they hand you the drink, the condensed milk and the tea aren’t fully mixed, but that’s okay – it’s fun to watch the two come together for a burst of caffiene and sweetness.

Cafe 70 Degrees

Tons of boba and yummy dishes are available at this fun cafe (which also has board games!), but I really love their Thai Iced Tea with boba and I can’t resist getting it any time I’m at the Culver City shopping center. Their drink containers also really wide and look kinda like bowls, so that’s pretty cool, too.

Boba Truck

IMG00389-20110711-1823What’s great about this mobile tea shop is that they always offer to adjust the sweetness of your drink, but for me, they’ve always gotten it right (or maybe I’m just not that picky). I’ve tried a bunch of different combos here, but began to just get the Thai Iced Tea with boba because it wasn’t too sweet, but was just sweet enough. No adjustment needed.

Lee’s Sandwiches

Yes, the word sandwiches is in the name and this place is known for its sandwiches (and, ahem, other news this summer). But I’ve always loved the Thai Iced Tea with boba and always get it with my BBQ pock sandwich. It’s strong and sweet in all the right ways, with a nice caffiene kick to boot.

Natalee Thai


Repost from @wonderlandsam! #nataleethai iced tea! A photo posted by Natalee Thai (@natalee_thai) on

This is my go-to Thai place for quick and fast pad thai (and delivery), so this also happens to be my go-to Thai Iced Tea. And it’s pretty great. Get it with the pad thai and you’ve got a tasty lunch and/or dinner combo.

What are some of your favorite Thai Iced Tea places?

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