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Scott Patterson At Luke’s Diner For The ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival In Beverly Hills

Gilmore Girls’ Lorelai and Rory Gilmore have always had an insatiable appetite for coffee and junk food — and now audiences want more and more Gilmore. Eateries across the country were converted into Luke’s Diner from the show to celebrate the series’ 16th anniversary, so as a fan, I naturally headed to the one nearest to me. I tried to get coffee at Luke’s Diner at Comoncy Beverly Hills, where Scott Patterson served coffee himself, but the line was insanely long. But I got to see the actor who played/plays Luke and I love Comoncy, so win-win?

Sure, I didn’t get an awesome coffee cup and sleeve from Luke’s, but it was so much fun to be in the presence of so much Gilmore love. It’s like the spirit of Stars Hallow was alive and well in the heart of Beverly Hills. So while I decided against waiting in line (it was unlikely I’d even get in at that time), I just bonded with some Gilmore Girls fans who dressed up like Luke with their finest flannel. Patterson even came out to greet the long Beverly Hills line and played guitar, too! So cool.

Just make sure to follow Luke’s rules — you wouldn’t want to get kicked out for having a man-bun, talking on your cell phone, or taking photos of food. Oh man, Luke would hate me. 


Super excited for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, premiering in November on Netflix (P.S. I’m Team Jess). 


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