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How To Get Featured On @CouchPotatoCook Instagram Account’s “Feature Friday”

Since launching Couch Potato Cook on Instagram back in 2014, the account has grown beyond my wildest dreams. I’ve met tons of awesome people, I’ve been embraced as part of a lovely foodie community, and I’ve gotten to eat lots of great food! I’ve also been glad to share the love and feature some rad accounts’ food photos (with their permission, of course).

One thing followers ask me a lot about is How can I get featured on ‘Feature Friday’?” I’ve been doing the feature feature (heh) for about a year now and I get that question a lot, so I figured for the anniversary of “Feature Friday,” why not write up it up so you know what exactly goes into picking your photos for feature? It’s one of my favorite parts of the week — everyone takes such great food photos!

Our first feature, a year ago:


A photo posted by Couch Potato Cook (@couchpotatocook) on

Here’s how to get featured, featuring some of my favorite features from the past year.

Newbies Welcome!

I’m always on the lookout to feature new, cool accounts, because once upon a time (in 2014), I was that new account looking for a feature. I get it. That said, it doesn’t mean you won’t be featured again if you’ve been featured before — several accounts have been featured multiple times and consistently take so many awesome photos, it’s hard to choose just one! 

Good Quality Photos

I think this speaks for itself. Good lighting, good food, good composition — when it all works together, it’s like food porn magic.

Tag Us!

Tag us using either the hashtag #couchpotatocook or tag us in your photos using the tagging feature. Please don’t @couchpotatocook us in your comments; it’ll get lost in the feed and it’s hard to track down again 🙁
Also, the tag is your way of saying “You can use my photo.” I won’t feature it unless you give me that permission.

So get posting, foodies! I can’t wait to see what you’re cooking up next.

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